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Goodbye Coopers Edge. By Holllie

I’m really sad that I’ve just finished my last moments at Coopers Edge so I will keep you updated through the Summer then after that I will hopefully have my own blog that you can look on.
By Hollie

For Mrs Hamlett the best Teacher anyone can have. By Hollie

Dear Blog Club,
This song is for Mrs Hamlett for teaching me all year so thank you. (as well as the other teachers) Thank you. Hollie

The 100% attendance trip

One summer day, I got called by kedada and Mrs Folker. They told me to go out side. We went on the mini bus and we drove around. Then Mrs folker said” Were going to

100% attendance[-_-]

One sunny morning Mrs folker(AKA:Headteacher)called us into reception and told us all the the students/pupils who had come to school every day(100%)were going on a trip(gloucestershire airport).We took a mini bus. On our journey we were thinking were are we going.First we went past tesco then sainsbury and tenpin bowling, but were weren’t going to any of them.Finally we got to an airport and realised were we were going.

The 100% attendence trip

2013-07-12 10.42.49On the 12/07/2013 we went to Staverton Airport to fly in a helicopter. This was the prize that my two children and six other children from the same school was given for 100% attendence and also beening on time for school. This trip was a surprise for the children so they had no idea what or where they was going. The parents were also invited to go which was great. We all got onto the mini bus. The children still had no clue as to where we was going.

NEW online newsletter! By Hollie

This week you can view coopers edge school newsletter on the blog and maybe even some extra bits so enjoy.

Coopers Review

Dear all,

Welcome to a couple of “newbies”. Jamie-lea(the woodpeckers) and Callan (the Wrens)

The Swans’ class thoroughly enjoyed their time at Millbrook Arts Festival last week. They even received a first place trophy for their amazing talents!!! Well done everyone. (for more information click here) Here are some pictures from the event………

We saw further talents being demonstrated at the Stars Of The Future Talent Show here…. through the heats and into the final amazingly talented groups and  individuals wowed us…. Huge congratulations to all the winners, but especially Hollie as “our own” winner!! I’d also like to thank Simon Padley for his support-tying the acts together with his amazing singing!! (for more information click here)

Now I’ve got over the weather issue – I reflect back to an amazing Sports day. Thank you so much for coming along and supporting the pupils…….and joining in with such enthusiasm looks like I might have to invest in some trophies for the parents races!!!! (And get St.John’s here for the injures as well)!!! The BBQ was just gorgeous as well….. Thanks Chef – you’re a star!!!

Yesterday saw our move upday in full throw…. Everyone appeared to have a wonderful time and it was especially to see Mrs Nicholls here too. It felt like a proper sized school with 6 classes in session.

Thanks to Stacey Sharpe, one of our Mums, next week sees our Y6s having an enjoyable trip to the bowling foe their Leavers trip – and for me that’s always the moment you realise the year is nearly over….. Everyone is about to get that little bit older!!!!

Next Friday ACES are hosting a Family Disco which will of course be the lastone for our older pupils! Please come and purchase tickets in the usual way (from the office area)

Everyone is in the middle of pulling together a production of Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes….. keep your diaries free for the afternoon of Tuesday 16th July…. when the pupils will take you on a journey through the classic stories told with a twist! Tickets will go on sale soon………

If you could support the School Council’s venture “Coopers Corner Shop” that would be much appreciated… we can’t beat Tesco on all their prices but the pupils are “saving you time everyday”!

Ensure you also have in your diaries that the End Of Year Is At 2:00pm On the 19th July!!  Any leftover pupils will be sold for profit 😉 😉

Following the summer break we will be back on Tuesday 3rd September 8:45am. 

Keely Folker 


Hope this is helpful, I will do another post with all the awards etc. in another post.

Thank you

Hollie Year 6/ The Swans’ Class

Cinderella by Roseann Marden

Cinderella is a girl  that is the:-) at

Prince By Connor and Ethan

The Prince is nice and is A bit silly he likes to play games.The Prince is strong and brave as well and cut peopeles heads off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinderella by manasseh &korban

Cinderella just has to be the ultimate Disney princess, and the one most loved by everyone.
Ella is cinderella`s real name.
The film, ‘Cinderella’ was released on February 15th, 1950, and was the first full length feature since ‘Bambi the film.
The film contains many memorable songs, including ‘Sing Sweet Nightingale.
The role of the mice was increased and they became Cinderella’s friends and helpers.
The cat, Lucifer, was based on one of the animator Ward Kimbell’s cats.
Cinderella’s voice was that of Ilene Woods, who was chosen from 400 other hopefuls.
The film costs an incredible $3. 000, 000,If you look carefully when Cinderella sings ‘Sing Sweet Nightingale, ’ three bubbles form the head and ears of Mickey Mouse.
Cinderella was the first Disney film to have its songs copyrighted and published.
It is not surprising that Disney decided to make a night spent in the newly-constructed suite inside Cinderella’s Castle, in Magic Kingdom, the cornerstone of their ‘Year of a Million Dreams. ’ Cinderella may be over 50 years old but she still holds the same magic that she did all those years ago.

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